Sara’s Weekly Care


1. New ventilator circuit.

2. New exhalation valve.

3. Wipe gray wire/humidifier temp probe w/ alcohol wipe and wipe probe tips with a clean cloth.

4. Wipe exterior of ventilator w/ alcohol wipe.

5. Change filters  -Check Air inlet filter on left side of vent.

    Check Proximal Inline filter.

6. New nebulizer kit

7. New Cough Assist circuit, wipe outside with baby wipe or alcohol wipe.

8. Wash suction canister w/ warm soapy water and then w/ vinegar solution  1 part vinegar: 2 part water.

9. Replace suction tubing.

10.                    Check medication and supplies.

11.                    Change Trach & clean used trach.

12.                    Schedule weekly outing with Sara.

13.                    Check travel bag for supplies & before outings.

14.                    Clean equipment    -soak in warm soapy water w/ no additives.

-soak in control 111 (1 oz: 1 gallon) for 30-40 minutes

-rinse w/ distilled water.

    15.  Fill suction rinse re-fill bottle with vinegar solution. 


Monthly Care! (1st Monday of each month)


1. Run internal battery down and then reconnect for a new recharge.

2. Inspect all equipment, electrical wires, power cord, supplies.

3. Cough Assist filter.

4. Vent Circuit filter

5. Nebulizer filter, change only if dirty.

6. Change suction filter every two months: Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov

7. Disinfect suction canister w/ control 111 solution.