This is a paper I typed up when Sara was first released from the hospital in Oct 03. It is placed in the nurses chart and I would like to mention so people may get an idea to do the same.

1.                Range of Motion

2.                Massage legs, arms, back, etc.

3.                Fill suction bottle with vinegar solution. 

4.                Clean humidifier chamber.

5.                Add sterilized water to humidifier.

6.                Clean/rinse suction canister with vinegar, refill w/ tbsp mouth wash. 

7.                Wipe tray with Windex. 

8.                Wash bottle, day feed container, and mic-key extension w/ soapy water after 9:00 pm.

9.                Empty trash in Sara’s room when full.

10.          Use a clean hand towel in the bathroom after washing hands each shift. They are in the hall cabinet.

11.          CPT or massage pad.

12.          Spray Lysol if Sara is out of the room. 

13.          Wash hands.

14.          Please say a prayer for a quick cure for SMA- clinical trials are underway, yeah!!!