Sara's Photos
Page Six

Sara with Nancee Higbee, speech therapist with the California Hawaii Elks and Kathy who was Sara's awesome teacher until she turned 3 years old from theCreative Home Program

Sara at the FSMA Conference 2006

Our Tortoise with Sara on her bed.
Not smart - they pee!

Sara doing tummy time.
She loves to kick her legs up and down
 with help while on her tummy.

Sara, wearing her TLSO vest
 sitting in her tumble forms seat with her new tray

Sara at the July 2006 FSMA conference. Sara tried a power chair for the first time.  Sara is trying one now from the MTU -yeah!

Sara and her LVN, Sheila

Sara with her blanket from B4SMA

A Close-Up of Beautiful Sara on her special blanket