Sara's Photos
Spinning Disc

They are for any type 1 kiddos that are strong enough to sit up and spin, Christy can get them a spinning disc. She will mail it out at their request. If you place a Tumble Forms feeder seat on it and spin it with the kids its a lot of fun. Sara loves to spin!!! And it helps move secretion like crazy - great respiratory therapy. For more information, e-mail Christy at or visit and request a catalog.

To buy online:
If a search is done for "Swivel seat cushion" or "Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion" they will come up online.  The ones we got came from Starcrest and cost $22.00 from their catalog. The order # is 14931539. The Starcrest phone # is 951 657-2793. also at Starcrest if you order 4 items shippings is free and they sell waterproof cloth bedpads.  I found the swivel seats for $16.99 at, $25.95 at The WrightStuff, Inc, and at Colonial Medical Assisted Devices for $29.50.  Shipping cost me about $15.00 to send these back east so if a company does not charge much for shipping this is not a  bad deal. 

Bottom of spinning disc

Top of spinning disc

Side of spinning disc

Side view of Sara spinning...

Front view of Sara spinning...