I am a parent of a disabled child and want to help you become aware of the need for an accessible playground in our community.   I figure this is a great time to share this info since Reid Park and Fairmount are going to be updated and expanded soon. Also, there was a recent article about accessible playgrounds in the Quest Magazine that is made for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) families. 
My daughter, Sara Rose Greene, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1.  This is the most severe form of SMA, but she enjoys life tremendously and loves it even more when she just gets to sit close by and watch her big sister Laura play with her friends.  Sara is like a parrot and mimics with her weak speaking abilities whatever her beloved sister and friends say.  
Well when Laura and her friends all want to go to the park it is very difficult physically and emotionally for us.  For instance, at Fairmount park there is a lot of sand and bumpy terrain which is not wheelchair accessible.  Due to the Sand we can not follow closeby and feel left out of the zone for hearing the other kids play.  A smooth terrain at our parks, espcially when Sara gets her power chair soon, would help Sara interact with her friends and family easier.  The swings are one activity that Sara could do if there is an accessible swing.  Sara has very low tone and can not sit in a regular swing.  We would appreciate a handicap swing at Fairmount and Reid Park for Sara and others to enjoy. 
As for the other handicap children in our community or their parents Boundless Playgrounds would help bring disabled people and regular kids closer together.  There are ways to design playgrounds where regular kids and disabled kids could have fun together.  For instance, there could be an elevated sandbox where a kid could roll up and play parallel to another child in the sand. Kids should not have to be off to the side watching others play.  There is so much technology today and great designs that we could incorporate to prevent these unnecessary boundaries.
Christy Greene
1392 Arthur Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501
951 782-8874
(Please forward this email to the Parks & Rec Department)
For more info about Accessible playgrounds you could check out these sites: