You’re So Beautiful To Me

I thought about you for ages
Even before the start of time,
I contemplated everything
That went into your design.
I fashioned you completely
Uniquely through and through,
I didn’t start with someone else
Then slightly change them into you.
I thought about your future
Dreamed what you could be
Then I got to work creating
Someone the world has never seen.

I thought about your appearance
And knew you’d want the looks,
That would find your picture taken
And put on magazines and books.
Sometimes you’ll want to question
Why you look the way you do;
I chose to take your beauty
And pour it all inside of you.
You see, when I came to make your beauty
I decided what I’d made
Was too precious for the outside
Where the years would make it fade.
So I put it all into your heart
Protected from your age,
Knowing then that you could radiate
Through life at every stage.

I know you still will question, 
And to question you are free,
But be assured of this my child,
You’re so beautiful to me.

       ---Wes Beavis---
P.O. Box 1775 Corona, CA 91718