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1st Birthday

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Miss you so much :(

Can't stop thinking of you my Chubby Wubby.

Happy 1st Birthday, Baby boy...We love & Miss you so very deeply...Thanks for making this for us Dianne

We'll be sending our baby boy some balloons...He loved to play with them.

Mommy & Daddy at Panchito's garden on his Birthday.

Cisco Jr.'s Garden on his 1st birthday

Most of the kids on Cisco Jr.'s Birthday in front of his Garden.

Getting ready to send our angel the balloons.

Cisco Jr.'s Tio Juan helping me get balloons.

Nana writing on CJ's Balloon...sending a sweet message to Heaven.

Up, up, up to heaven

Cisco Jr. loves balloons and I'm sure he got every single one of them :)

Watching our baby's balloons fly up to Heaven.

Some of the kids watching Cisco Jr.'s balloons fly up to Heaven.

Watching the balloons we just released.

Cisco Jr. turns 1 in Heaven...January 2, 2009 His cup cake cake we made.

All of the kids gave our angel some help blowing out his candles.

The keepsakes we lit at 5:54 (the time our angel arrived on Earth)

Singing Happy Birthday to our Baby at 5:54...the time he was born.

Happy Birthday to our sweet bebito...We all love you so very much precious angel of ours.

Kaiden, Ryan, Tio Luis, & Luis Jr.

Cisco Jr.'s baby cousin looks like he looking up to Heaven....he probably sees his angel cousin Cisco Jr. <3

Cisco Jr.'s God Mother/Tia & CJ's cousins.

Papi, Nana, & Mommy

Papi, Mommy, Abuelita, Tia Ali, & Lupita

Papi, Mommy, & Pa Pa

Tio Mike, Papi, Mommy, & Tia Mindy

Tio Joel, Papi, Ti Ti Rosa, Mommy, & Cisco Jr.'s Cousins Veronica, Yesenia, Luisito, & Lindsey

Cisco Jr.'s Godparents/Tios Sandra & Jose and his cousins Alex & Ryan.

Papi, Cousins Cesar & Yare, & Mommy

Richard, Lola, Jerrry & Juan & Us.

Cousins Mingo, Anita, Dino, & Lupita with Mommy & Daddy at Cisco Jr.'s Garden.

Jessica, Sergio, & Christian with Mommy & Daddy.

Perla, Juan & Debony with us.

Jessica & Julie bullie with Mommy & Daddy.

Armando, Papi, Karina, Juany, Armando Jr. & Mommy.

Papi, Xavier, Cherryse, & Mommy

Francisco, Sr., Cesar, & CJ's Godfather Jose.


Cisco Sr., Cesar, & Panchito's Tio Jose

Getting ready to sing CJ Happy Birthday.