To Mommy From Heaven

Mommy, don't cry, 'cause God is holding my hand
and telling me everything is OK.

Mommy, God said that I will never want for anything
and I will still feel your love all the way up here.

Mommy, you should see me,
I am running and playing with God's other children.

Mommy, guess who helps watch over us while we play?
They are God's Helping Angels!

Mommy, I'm not afraid, I have family already here.
They came to me when it was dark and held my hands;
then we went to God's bright light,
where Angels were singing.

Mommy, God said, If you feel sad, to remember this;
I'll be the gentle breeze that brushes your face,
the sun is my smile and the rain is me washing away your pain.

Mommy, I have to go now.
I send you all my love on the wings of an Angel.

Love from your son, to you Mommy.

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