My Aunts Uncles
and Cousins

This is my extended family. They are wonderful parts my family!


My cousins, Alex and Steve

My Aunt Kim and Uncle Doug

My cousin (Uncle) Brian who wrote "Sophia's Song".

My cousins, Jackie and Brian

My cousin, Jacob. He is Uncle BobBob & Aunt Cheryl's baby!
Click here to watch Jacob grow!

My cousins, Patt and Kim R

This me and my Uncle BobBob. He's lots of fun and I love him very much

My Great-Aunt Kay, cousin Brian, and GaGa

Great-Aunt Kay and cousin Nikki

Uncle BobBob and Aunt Cheryl

Me and my Uncle Jim. Uncle Jim is also my Godfather!

Me and my Aunt Anne. Aunt Anne is my Godmother

My family with aunt Anne and uncle Jim and cousin Scott

My Uncle Richard holding Sydney

Uncle BobBob, Aunt Cheryl, and my soon-to-be-cousin Jake
(of course he's still hidden inside his Mommy's tummy!!!)

My cousins, Brittany and Monikka

Cousin Steve and GaGa

I love my Uncle BobBob!

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