My Grandparents

My grandparents are really special people. I only got to meet two of them but I know that they are all watching over me.
My GaGa, most people call her Pat (I don't know why, GaGa is so much better), lives nearby and I get to see her almost everyday.


This is me with my Daddy's mom. She is watching over me and Sydney from Heaven. We miss her lots!

This is my GaGa. We love to snuggle and play silly games!

My friend, MJ, and GaGa

GaGa and Jeffrey

Brenda (MJ's LaLa), MJ, & GaGa

Cuddling with GaGa

GaGa giving me my birthday kiss!

We love our GaGa

Jeffrey at Camp
GaGa's friend, I hope that I get to meet him sometime

GaGa and her Tigger



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