My brother, Sayer

Welcome to our family, Sayer

Meeting my Daddy

Meeting my Mommy

Meeting my brother

Meeting my sister

Can I get an awwwww?

My siblings and I on Halloween

Cute as a pea in a pod

Thank you Silva family for the PJ's

Mommy's babies

Turnbull's ready for an adventure

What are we doing??

This is my serious look

Yes, mommy, I want to walk already! Check out my thighs!

I love my mommy so much that I want her to hold me ALLLLLL day!

Check out how big I am and I'm only 3 months! I'm gonna walk on at Iowa someday!

What should I grab . . . the eyes, the hair??

Mommy's little boy

Aren't we sweet?

I'm in the tub

Oh my goodness!

I'm a big boy

Hanging out with Treyton

I guess Treyton is a good substitute for Mommy

Lock up your daughters...I'll be walking soon


Mmm yummy hand

Merry Christmas 2008

With Treyton and Stella

Stella wants my binkie