My brother, Treyton
Page 2

Snuggling with mom

Treyton and dad

Treyton and dad like camo

Treyton and mom

Look at those antlers


Hugging daddy

I do love Treyton kisses

Aren't we festive

Treyton will do anything for me,
even wear my princess crown.

Happy Birthday to Stella

Treyton is ready to dive into my cake

Brotherly love

It is tulip time

Sitting with mommy and Treyton

Having fun with the Lauryn and her family

I just love to be held by anyone


Treyton caught three fish

Treyton is snuggling with my feet

That goat wants Treyton's food

Daddy and Treyton

Sliding down the slide

Digging with Dad

Do you think we'll catch anything?

It's a fish!

Look! I caught a fish!

Fishing with Dad

Look what I got!

Dad and I with a BIG dinosaur

See you just push a little, Stella, and it goes down down down

Helping Stella bowl

Our family in KC

I'm very proud to be a big brother again

Fly, fly, fly, the astronaut and the ladybug