5 years
Page 3

Our farm kitties

My own pet therapy

Hanging with Aunt Faye

Having fun with Aunt Rachel

My family

Let's go dad, time for the carnival

Hanging with Ella

Got my shades

Hi Dr. Schroth

Mommy is holding Ella

My brothers, cute aren't they?

Mommy went out with the ladies

Pretty in pink

Treyton living it up at the dance party

I am the star

My brothers having fun

I have the giant guitar

Look, it is Princess Sayer

Mommy fixing my hair

Kisses from mommy

Type I talk it out and watching a movie with Addison

Hanging out with Addison, Ben, & Nora

Nora and I

Chatting with Roman and Mateo

Roman and I

Carnival games

Hanging out with Veronica

My little buddy, Ella

My giraffe outfit

My loving brothers

Dad and I

All together