5 years
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Stella's buddy Cael (SMA Type II) is such a great friend! We have a picture of Cael holding Stella when she was only 6 months old (or so)

We were SO excited to see that Lincoln, his mommy, and his grandma all were in attendance at the Beaverdash! Thanks so much for supporting your friend Stella, Lincoln! You are a great friend!!!

Loving on Stella

Our Family

Beaverdash 2012
Running/walking for those with SMA who cannot
THANK YOU to all of you who came to walk/run for Stella! Some of you haven't missed ONE Beaverdash since Stella was diagnosed and that is just awesome!

Reading with Treyton

We fell asleep together

My kindergarten class at the pumpkin patch
October 2012

Picking out my pumpkin with Stacey

Feeding the goats - I loved it

Hugs for Mom

Two ninjas here to protect Princess Belle

Halloween 2012 - Princess Belle


No pictures, please, Mom

My hair for Mommy and Daddy's vow renewal ceremony

Treyton is the best big brother ever! He helped drive down the isle and spread flower petals

Enjoying school

My Indian princess headress

Merry Christmas from our family to yours
Christmas 2012