Trisha's Family
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My Aunt Dolly---Isn't she BEAUTILFUL!!!

My Bro, Christian"

Victoria, my mom's boyfriends daughter.

Cousin Rachel

Brother Christian and my kitty

My cousin John John

My brother and my cat, again

Valerie, Victors daughter

My AWESOME Grandma

My cousin Jeremy with eyeliner on!
Don't ask us why!!!!

Our Family snake 'Mitch', actually my Dad got him for my Step-mom

She was our Hula dancer at our Birthday Bash with the Hawaiin theme

Little Bro, Step-bro and Dad

My cousins Celina, Mariah and Jeremy

Christian, Dario, Brian, Celina, 
Mariah, and Jeremy

My little cousin Jonas, the baby of the family

Grandma and Grandpa Morales

My Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe 

My Aunt Gloria and Uncle Randy

Our newest addition to the family, since Sabor went to Doggie Heaven