Age 7 Pictures
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Uncle Dave embraces the butterfly birthday theme!

August is SMA Awareness Month. In dedication, Veronica also wrote a poem that is thought provoking and inspiring.

Thank you Pinterest for the fun activity for today! Colored vinegar dropped onto baking soda = cool spongy stuff!

This would be a good activity for OT. Put about 1/2 cup paint in a freezer baggie. It's like an etch a sketch on paint!

Head Planking for Eli with cereal box monster!

We are finding the coolest things to do and make on Pinterest. This is the food coloring in milk experiment. Dip a toothpick in dish soap, put it in the drop of food coloring and see what happens!

Practicing for Princess Charm School (reference to new Barbie movie!) The cross-eyed princess of Swan Lake!

With Tabitha, listening to her mom sing a riveting song

Feeling better and my face is free from my mask

Toothless and Back in the Saddle much for my pony?!?