Vacation Pictures
Families of SMA Conference 2012

Hanging out with Lizzy

Mmmm, tea

Having a tea party with my friends

Watching the giant roller coaster with Charlie and Emma

Saying hi to Addison and Haley

The Magic Mirror at the Disney store

Posing with Nora and a Shark

Spongebob and Squidward

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

Kisses from Roman

Hi Stella!

Lunch with Dani and Roman (and Roman's mom, Susie)

Singing at the Dance Party

Holding hands with Roman

Loving the loud music and dancing with my friends

Lunch with so many friends

Posing outside the hotel

Doing yoga - is this an upward dog??

Talking to Calypso

At the Minnesota Zoo with MJ

My favorite part of the zoo...the mister!

It was a very lame zoo

The Badlands

Spelunking with Aunt Karen and Mom

Great view

Cheese with Aunt Karen

Wind Cave


Fun vacation, great memories