Calling All Angels

The heavens appear so much brighter tonight
As another sweet angel has just taken flight.
Leaving behind many hearts that won’t heal
And a mother who’s pain and sorrow we feel.

Calling all angels, come hear this plea
Please guide this child into eternity.

When a hero falls, it affects us all
In ways we can’t explain.
The hopes, the dreams, what the future brings
Is challenged once again.

Calling all angels, please calm my fear
Help me understand why she’s no longer here.

To live this life is no easy task
Our beliefs are queried, why we ask,
Does God need so many angels to be at His side?
Leaving family and friends on an emotional ride.

Calling all angels, please help to heal
A heart that is broken, a faith I can’t feel.

How do I tell the child I love
That another friend is in heaven above?
I choke down the sobs, my eyes fill with tears
As I do my best to abolish her fears.

Calling all angels, please help her to see
That children are dancing and running free.

We get through the day the best that we can
Knowing that this will happen again.
We hope, we pray, we just wait to learn
A cure has been found, for which we all yearn.

Calling all angels, allow us the dream
Of ending the pain this disease can redeem.