Sometimes when I see you look up at the sky

It's as though you see angels, fluttering by.

You smile and you laugh with your eyes all aglow,

Do you have your own secret that none of us know?


Do you see the angels sent from above?

Are they here to remind us of God's true love?


I'll never forget that cold winter day

When they said you would never walk, run or play.

Little hope for a cure existed they said.

But you took our hand, down this path we were led.


Do you see the angels guiding our way?

Do they know we are thankful for each precious day?


Some people search their whole lives and they ask,

What is my purpose, my reason, my task?

But when you are given an angel on earth

The mission is clear, it defines your self-worth.


Do you see the angels lighting the night?

Do they give you the strength to go on with this fight?


The things you have taught us are endless you know.

The love that we feel just continues to grow.

We are lucky and blessed to have every day,

An angel from heaven to show us the way.


Do you see the angels sent from above?

Do they know that you taught us the meaning of love?


The ache that I feel in my heart every day

Is from knowing that someday you'll be taken away.

To know you and love you is worth all the pain,

And if given the chance, do it over again.


Do you see the angels leading the way?

To God's kingdom, where we'll hold you someday.


By Debby St. Onge, dedicated to Veronica with so much love.