I'm So Lucky

As she sleeps I stand in awe.
Her face so perfect, without a flaw.
Does she dream of dancing and jumping rope
Does she know my heart is full of hope
That someday she will walk and play,
Skip and run and take ballet? 

I smile because deep down I know
It matters not what fate did sow,
I see a girl unlike no other
And Iím so lucky to be her mother. 

I hate to think of who Iíd be
If God had not chosen me
To be the one to guide her way
And bear witness each passing day
To a soul so pure and full of love
Sent to me from heaven above. 

I smile because I can see
The immense responsibility
Of caring for Godís special pearl
And Iím so lucky that sheís my girl. 

The man who passes on the street
Averts his eyes so they donít meet
A child different from the rest
He fails to see how very blessed
Our lives became when she was born
How we rejoice, and never mourn.

She smiles at him and then says ďhiĒ
He doesnít look as we pass by,
What he and many fail to see
Is I'm so lucky that she's with me. 

Pity me not for you donít see
The endless love she brings to me,
While you may see her less than whole
I see a child pure of soul,
So open your eyes or you will miss
Seeing firsthand that angels exist. 

I smile as I watch her sleep
I feel myself start to weep
I donít know when or where or how
I just know how lucky I am right now.