Today You Are Three

I never dreamed this day would come
Since being told you would never be one
But my heart is filled with glee
For today my love, you are turning three.

The first two years seem such a blur
So afraid to lose you, and so unsure
The future now I can happily see
Because today you are turning three.

To watch you each and every day
Grow strong and change in so many ways
I ask myself “How can this be?”
My little angel is turning three.

Your strength and courage are second to none
You’ve fought this disease long before you were one
For those who know it is easy to see
Why this means so much to me.

You warm my heart, you soothe my soul
You accomplish more than you’ll ever know
You make me proud, and I am so lucky
To watch today as you turn three.

The love you share is true and pure
And one thing that I know for sure
The angels flying high and free
Are celebrating you turning three.

So let’s rejoice and have some fun
We’ll spend the day with everyone
Who loves you just as much as me
And are overjoyed you are turning three.

For Veronica Rose on August 28, 2007
So much love,