My heart will hurt when I am watching you,
Enjoy the things you are not able to do.
I see you smile when I catch a glance,
Whenever you see somebody dance.

I always wonder how it makes you feel,
Does it hurt inside when you conceal?
The fact that your body is not able to do,
The one thing that brings such pleasure to you?

I hold you close, we sway and waltz,
You overlook my dancing faults.
The dream we share is always near,
And we’ll dance each day I have you here.

I’d move mountains and go to the ends of the earth,
To bring you the one thing missing since birth.
That would finally give you the incredible chance,
To know what it means to be able to dance.

Will you dance in heaven when you can finally see,
What it feels like to walk, to run, and be free?
Will you dance in heaven under the light of the moon,
Knowing that I will be joining you soon?

When we dance together will you stand on my toes?
Holding me tight so that everyone knows,
The love we share, so special and true.
They’ll know I will dance forever with you.