From Grandmother
(Pam Binning)

Brooke is a very special little girl. She has always been and still is the sweetest baby I have ever seen. She never cries, always has a smile for anyone. Every time you look at her she smiles. Why she even smiles to herself as if she is enjoying life as it is. She loves music, reading stories to her, telling her Bible stories and about how much God loves her, even more than we do. She loves people!

We sing to her often and we almost fight over who is going to get to rock and sing Brooke to sleep. Grand daddy gets her to himself all day so when I get home I'm ready to love on her and spend all my time at home with Brooke. Then her mommy gets home later in the evening and of course wants to take over.  We all have a hard time turning Brooke over to each other. No one ever minds taking time out for something that Brooke might need. Brooke is always carried to a room where someone is - we never leave her alone. We do everything we can for her to make her happy, although that doesn't take much - she seems content with whatever is going on. She does love to get in the car and go for a ride somewhere and we try to do that as often as possible. We want her to experience as much as possible while she can. Of course we have to make sure the weather is right and we are not going to be around anyone sick, as she can pick up germs easily.

She fills our lives with love - more love than words can say. She fills our home and lives with happiness - it thrills the soul to be able to make her laugh and just see her so happy herself. She even loves to make us laugh, and she does that quite often. The things we might have had to give up to take care of this child are meaningless compared to the joy she gives just by being here for us to care for. We thank God for sending her to us for whatever time He allows her to be a part of our lives. We will praise Him and not question Him as to whey she has this disease because everything He allows to happen to us is to draw us closer to Him and we are richer by far, by having this experience with our SMA angel!