I would like to introduce you to

My Daddy's name is Rick.  He is a Deputy Sheriff for Wilkin County in Breckenridge, Minnesota.  He loves to fish, hunt, carve and especially rock-a-bye me!

My Mommy's name is Dori.  She stays at home with my brother, sister and I.  She loves to work on the computer, shop, scrapbook and of course, rock-a-bye me.

I have two brothers named Nicholas and Noah.  Nick is 9 years old and in the fourth grade.  Nick loves any and all kinds of sports.  We like to play kick ball together in the evenings.  The nurses help me kick the ball to Nick  and we always listen to fun music while we play.  I really like this lots!!!  My other brother Noah is still pretty little.  Mostly he just sleeps and eats so far.  I really like to hold him, he always falls asleep in my arms.  Mommy says that I am a good babysitter.

I have a sister names Victoria.  She is one year old.  She is VERY busy.  She kisses me lots and is always feeling my curly hair.  She likes to help the nurses when they do my CPT.  She pounds pretty hard.  She also likes to help with other "nurses" stuff.  But, I don't think she really knows what she is doing.  I guess it is OK, as long as she isn't in the way of my movies.

We also have a dog named Shadow.  Shadow always likes to lay by me on my mat.  He loves to cuddle, just like me.  He also barks a lot and tries to keep the nurses in line.