Emma's Fourth Month


Mommy sure does love ME!




4eEmma4th13.JPG (11959 bytes)

Just relaxing before my g-tube surgery, with Bappy.

4eEmma4th14.JPG (10092 bytes)

Bappy and Me!


4eEmma4th15.JPG (13509 bytes)

This is my Aunt Missy and Me!

4eEmma4thmon11.JPG (14220 bytes)

This is Bappy and me before my g-tube surgery.



4eFamily4thmon.JPG (39995 bytes)

This is Daddy, Mommy, Ashley, Marissa and Me!


4Emma4thMommyDaddy.JPG (13435 bytes)

Mommy and Daddy are worried because I'm going to have my g-tube surgery



4Emma4thBappyMommy.JPG (14236 bytes)

I love it when Bappy kisses my nose!

4Emma4thMommyMissy.JPG (11392 bytes)

This is me, Mommy, and Auntie Missy before my g-tube surgery.


4Emma4thMommyCathy.JPG (16343 bytes)

This is Mommy and my Godmother, Cathy.


4Daddyemma4th.JPG (18883 bytes)

Daddy is glad that I'm all right!

4Emma4thDrake.JPG (16489 bytes)

This is my cousin Drake and me after my surgery.

4fEmma4thHospital.JPG (12947 bytes)

This is ME after I finally got to eat, this is how I was burped because Mommy says that she can't burp me through my mouth anymore because of a thing called a Nissen.


4fEmma4thHospital1.JPG (29821 bytes)

Don't I look good for just having a surgery?

4fEmma4thMissy.JPG (21806 bytes)

My Auntie sure is glad I'm all right!


4fEmma4thMissy1.JPG (11821 bytes)

I like it when my Auntie holds me!


4fEmma4thMommyDrake.JPG (12317 bytes)

Mommy finally got to feed me after my surgery...I sure was hungry!

4fEmma4thTeddy.JPG (13035 bytes)

This is me and Teddy.  He played me music...I like music!


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