Emma's Fourth Month Continued!


Another bath!

Just finished another bath!


4cEmma&Mommy4thmon2.JPG (9284 bytes)

Look real close...I am waving to you!


4cEmma&Daddy4th.JPG (14084 bytes)

He sure is funny!


I really like it when Marissa holds me.




4cEmma&Rissa4th.JPG (14650 bytes)

I like when Marissa holds and kisses me!


4dBappy&Girls4thStudio.JPG (42891 bytes)

This is my Bappy, Marissa, Ashley & ME!


4dEmma&Daddy4thstudio.JPG (32588 bytes)

I love to look at my Daddy.

4dEmma&Mommy4thStudio.JPG (32253 bytes)

I love it when Mommy kisses my nose.  I know that she loves me!

4dEmma&Rissa4thmon2.JPG (16163 bytes)

She is doing it again-this girl is always kissing me!


4dEmma4thmon10.JPG (15001 bytes)

If you make this into a big picture and look close, you can see my teeth!  I got my teeth when I was 5 weeks...yes, 5 weeks!


4dEmma4th9.JPG (17594 bytes)

Look at that goofy smile!


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