Emma's Fourth Month!


4Bath4mon.JPG (8211 bytes)

I like my bath!



4Afterbath4mon.JPG (19978 bytes)

Just had my bath...

4Emma4mon.JPG (12258 bytes)

Hmmm.  I'm thinking.


4Emma4mon2.JPG (14602 bytes)

MOMMY!  Feed Me!


4Sleeping4mon.JPG (8614 bytes)

Shhh.  I'm sleeping again.

4Smiling4mon.JPG (15487 bytes)

Emma Smiling


4Emma&Daddy4mon.JPG (13936 bytes)

I like looking at my daddy!


4Emma4mon3.JPG (20334 bytes)

This is my Studio Picture!


4Emma&Bappy4mon.JPG (9055 bytes)

This is me and my Bappy!


4Dadandkids4mon.JPG (20897 bytes)

This is Emma, Marissa, Ashley, Drake my Cousin, and my Bappy


4Emma&Mommy4mon.JPG (28104 bytes)

This is me and my Mommy

4aEmma4thmon4.JPG (12698 bytes)

I like my thumb



4aEmma4thmon5.JPG (13427 bytes)

She sure is funny!

4aEmma4thmon6.JPG (13543 bytes)

I like looking at my Rissa!



4aEmma4thmon7.JPG (12834 bytes)

I'm Tired...

4aEmma4thmon8.JPG (16335 bytes)

Do you like my shirt?  It is from St. Thomas.  My Bappy got it for me.



4aEmmaand Mommy4thmon.JPG (7492 bytes)

Emma and Mommy


4aSandy&Girls4thmon.JPG (16250 bytes)

This is my Grandma and my sisters.

4bEmma&Girls4th.JPG (18307 bytes)

This is me and my sisters.


4bEmmaEyes4th.JPG (12215 bytes)

Look into my eyes...


4bFamilyStudio4thmon.JPG (11228 bytes)

This is my family...Emma, Mommy, Daddy, Ashley, Marissa, Bappy, Aunt Missy, Cousin Drake, Grandma, Papa and Uncle Mike


4bSandy&Girls4th.JPG (18005 bytes)

Emma, Marissa, Ashley and Grandma


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