Emma's 7th Month!


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This is my new outfit.
Mommy just HAD to take pictures!



7Emma7th1.JPG (14965 bytes)

Do you like my silly hat?

I am too big for this chair!!!!


This is my Halloween Costume, Mommy wanted to take pictures of me in it just in case I don't make it until Halloween.


7Emma7th4.JPG (12077 bytes)

Beautiful smile for a beautiful angel.

7Emma7th6.JPG (11795 bytes)

It's me again, just a different side.


7LastBath.JPG (11623 bytes)

This is my very last bath...


This is the last picture that Mommy
 took of me, it was taken the day before
 I became a sweet Angel...

Tattoo my Mommy got in my honor and memory!


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