Emma's 6th Month!


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Make this a big picture to see my teeth!


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Do you like my headband?

6aEmma6th5.JPG (16918 bytes)

Mommy forgot to button my outfit back up!


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This is me and teddy after a bath.



6aEmma6th8.JPG (15324 bytes)

It's me and teddy again!


6aEmma6th4.JPG (11428 bytes)

Just relaxing!


6aemma6th9.JPG (16521 bytes)

Look at my chubby legs...aren't they cute?



6aEmma6thRissa.JPG (13022 bytes)

We see you Mommy!


6aEmmaBath6th.JPG (16701 bytes)

I just took a bath.  Don't I look happy?


6aEmmaPooh6th.JPG (16453 bytes)

Emma and Pooh.



This is me and my sisters.


This is me and my sisters again, mommy tried to take as many of us together as possible.


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