Emma's 6th Month!


Just chillin' on Mommy and Daddy's bed.


6Emma6thDaddy.JPG (30464 bytes)

Don't we look sweet?

6Emma6thAshley.JPG (7815 bytes)

Why is she holding me?  I am almost as big as her?!


6Emma6thMarissa.JPG (13056 bytes)

She is holding me again...



This is me and my sisters.

Don't I Look Thrilled?


It's Me and Bear!


6aEmma6th11.JPG (18150 bytes)

Me and Bear again!

6aEmma6th13.JPG (18019 bytes)

Don't I look like a sweet angel?


6aEmma6th12.JPG (13824 bytes)

Look at me-I'm a big girl!


6aEmma6th2.JPG (9769 bytes)

Look at my beautiful eyes.


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