Jordan Lee Witzig

He will not return to us, but someday we will go to him.
August 9, 1997 - October 28, 1998

**NEW** - 11/3/99 - This is the only part of Jordan's webpage that I can update. It's been a whole year since Jordan died. It's so hard to believe - on one hand it seems like yesterday, other days it seems like forever. Daddy wrote another poem in memory of Jordan's angel anniversary:


The leaves are falling again,
and I'm missing you

I see a smiling boy at a restaurant,
and I'm missing you

It's been a year since you left,
and I'm missing you

There is a teletubby display at the store,
and I'm missing you

You smile back at me through your pictures,
and I'm missing you

I'm driving by the hospital,
and I'm missing you

I touch this cold, gray granite,
and I'm missing you

I will always be
Missing You

In Memory of
Jordan Lee Witzig

Charles Witzig
Oct 26, 1999


There were so many people that reached out to us, we'll never be able to express to them how we feel. This is a start - we've probably left someone out - we're sorry!

Our Family - without their love and support, where would we be?

Dr. Ronald Luce - a wonderful, Christian pediatrician, who took great care of Jordan, and listened with compassion.

Rev. Dr. Richard Shaw - he was right beside us, from 15 minutes after Jordan was born until today, giving us spiritual and
emotional support.

Tom & Kim Broy, John & Michelle Dierker, Dan & Debbie Macari and Helen & Randy Baldwin - great friends who were with us every step of the way.

Cheryl Buss - our advocate from Easter Seals - whatever we needed, she went out of her way to get it for us.

Bob Werkman - Chuck's boss, who was sympathetic and understanding of the time Chuck needed to be off work with Jordan.

Curt Caudill - Chuck's coworker, who put Chuck's poem to music

Laura Stants - who very patiently helped me get this webpage up!

We love you all!



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