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 Megan and her Mommy and Daddy

 Megan and her Daddy

 It's time to eat!

Look how pretty I am in my dress

I just got home from the hospital

 My family portrait

  Beautiful Megan

 Swinging with Mommy

Riding a pony!!!!!


 Megan with Daddy

How sweet!!!

Love my toys

This thumb is pretty good!!!

Wanna bite?

Megan and Daddy

Wave Bye Bye 

Hi everyone! 

My family

Santa is going to bring me a lot of toys!!

Look at me!!

I'm tired after all this Christmas Fun

Relaxing with one of my toys 

Love my Teddy Bear

What a sweet smile 

I like this bouncer seat 

I'm getting too big for this car seat!

Me and my Bear

m&d1.jpg (2881927 bytes)Megan and Mommy

Bye Bye I Love You Mommy


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