My Photos!

To see a bigger version of most of these, just click on it once!

This is one of Granny's favorites


He is the sun the moon and the stars


In intensive care after he was born


Me and my Mommy after I was born


Me and Daddy


Mommy scared when she took this one


sucking my thumb in the cradle popper made for me


me in my baptism outfit


Me & Popper taking a nap


Granny feeding me


Daddy pushing me in my swing


Me with Mommy feeding me


This is another one we had taken


Me and a bear


my sunglasses - granny's "Stud Muffin"


getting ready to go shopping with Mommy


after shopping with Mommy she bought me toys


That beautiful smile


I'm a stud!


Are you talking to me?


I hear you granny!


taking a nap after watching "LION KING" my favorite movie


this was one of my favorite toys mommy bought for me


more bubbles


Hey! Mommy I Love You


by the pool with Mommy

Yes Granny I'm crying again


Me & Mommy  Last day i was home