Run like the wind through he fields of flowers. Ride the clouds like

the bike you never had. Play hopscotch with Gramma Ann, let her teach you

to dance and to sing with the angels at the top of your lungs.

You're at peace little angel, you may breathe freely now. No more

labor....no more pain. You pass to the other side knowing you were loved by

more people than you could ever imagine. You will NEVER be

forgotten......such a short time to be with us, but forever in our hearts.

Your sweet precious voice and matter-of-fact ways will remain in our memories forever.

Please rest easy knowing that Christopher will ALWAYS grow up knowing he

had a brave "little" big sister, know that he knows you love him and he the same.

You received the crown without the conflict baby daughter, and you

earned it well. Rest in the arms of Jesus until we see your smile again.


Love always,

Mama and Daddy



April 30, 1987 to November 4, 1990

Spoken at her funeral on 11-08-1990