My Equipment

My Pulse Oximeter Machine: The oximeter or pulse ox machine measures the amount of oxygen in my in my blood and my heart rate. It is a little piece of tape that goes around my toe and it doesn't hurt at all.
My Ventilator and Trach: In July of 2011 my family decided it was in my best interest to have a tracheotomy procedure done. Now I have a small hole into my airway so that I can breathe. The trach is attached to a ventilator, currently an LTV, that pushes air into my lungs. I'm very comfortable using the trach and vent and have been very smiley since we had it done.
My Cough Assist Machine: My Cough Assist helps me cough all the yucky stuff out of my lungs. It has a small mask that covers my nose and mouth. It pushes a certain amount of air into my lungs and then quickly sucks the same amount of air out. It simulates a cough because my muscles are too weak to do this on their own.
My Suction Machine: When I use my Cough Assist, my suction machine sucks the yuckies out of my mouth. It also helps me get the boogers out of my nose, since I can't blow my nose.
Postural Drainage: It allows me to lay with my head tilted down for chest percussion and nebulizer treatments helping with drainage and get the junk out of my chest.
My Feeding Tube & Feeding Pump: Because of weak muscles I can't swallow properly without some of the liquid or food going into my lungs. I have a small tube going into my stomach that is hooked up to my feeding pump throughout the day. I get all my nutrition through this tube.