Angel Poems


Your crib is empty little one, for now I know that you have gone
To that great Heaven, up above, where every day I send my love.
I'll never rock you in my chair, or see your face, so sweet and fair,
I'll never watch you drink your milk, or stroke your hair as soft as silk.
I'll never watch you play each day, or hear the sweet first word you'd say.
You'll never bear your children here for me to love when old,
I'll never be their grandmother, to cherish them like gold.
Your crib is empty that I see, you sleep in Heaven's nursery.
God came to earth and took your hand and led you to His holy land.
He says one day we'll meet again in that great place above,
Til then my precious Angel, I send you mummy's love.

By Dawn Glenton  (c 2000)


Forever I will miss you, forever I will cry,
Why did you have to leave this earth
And gain your wings to fly?
You know I loved you dearly,
More than anyone could know,
Why did you have to leave so soon
Why did you have to go?
My heart down here is broken,
And it can never mend,
Forever I protected you,
Until the very end.
I pray to God for answers,
I talk to him each day,
I hope that you can hear me Lord
As on bended knees I pray.
Take good care of my child up there,
He was much wanted here,
Wrap your arms around him please
And tell him I still care,
Let him know I love him so
And will forever more.
Keep him protected, safe and warm
And wrapped in love so pure.

          By Dawn Glenton  (c 2002)

If I Had Known

If I had known that day my child that it would be goodbye,
I'd not have let you out my sight, I would not sit and cry,
And evermore wish I could turn the time right back again,
To have you near, to hold you close, not think of you in pain.
If I had known that tragic day you'd go and not return,
I would have hugged you close to me, my heart would not now yearn.
If I could kiss you one more time, just once more hug you tight,
Then watch you sleeping in your bed, and whisper 'child, goodnight'
If I could hear your laughter in our house just once, I'm sure
I'd know you're safe and happy with our Lord forevermore.

By Dawn Glenton  (c 2002)