Whenever my arms ache empty
and I long to hold you tight.
I will cuddle with your blanket
until all in the world feels right.

Whenever I need to see you,
your pictures will have to do.
Your laughing face, with hair stuck up
are all precious memories of my boo.

Whenever I need to hear you,
I will listen to the whispering wind,
that will carry your voice with the angels
and resound upon their wings.

Whenever I need to feel,
the touch of your tender skin,
with my tongue placed inside my cheek
I will feel the warmth and softness within.

Whenever I am at my lowest,
your smiling face I'll see.
It will comfort me in my darkest days,
and bring peace and love to me.

Whenever my loss is unbearable,
I will look to the heavens high,
to bond our love together
until my tears are dry.


In loving memory of Bretton
Who passed away Sept. 26, 2003
All my love, Aunt Heather