Age Two

Angry face

Surprised face

Happy face

Huh face

Please, Momma

I took over Momma's bed

Happy watching the Bubble Guppies

Momma, get out of my face

Cure SMA

Giving Momma some sugar

Candles for SMA Awareness

My candle for me and my friends

My blanket from B4SMA - Blankets for SMA kids

I rule this joint

My nurse did my hair

Getting so tall

Head Planking for Eli

Caterpillar Planking

Head Planking for Eli and Friends

Ava Planking

My new neck pillow from BusyBee Sewing for SMA

This pillow is MINE

My favorite bear because it has cookies

Can we say Don King

Momma, what do you want?

Our day out