Age Two
Page 3

Super Model pose

Got my PJ's on

Is it time to go Trick or Treating, yet?

Pretty Princess Tiana

It is Mine, Mine, ALL MINE

All of my goodies

Talking about Christmas

What's up, momma?

Snickerdoodles for Santa, hmmm? What else you got?

Waiting at the doctors.

What the heck did you say Momma?

Cuddle time

I love wrapping paper

My new book


My new doll

Get them off of me

I am almost 3

Happy New Year

A princess ballerina

What did you say???

I love this

Learning my numbers

Momma asked me if  we can toss my binkie next month on my birthday and I told her no and went to sleep. Ha!

In the ER

So tired after an eventful day that I feel asleep in the ER

After 10 minutes of talking to my soon to be three year old she finally said yes to putting on a t-shirt today. We'll see how long this last because my bug doesn't look too happy.

All tucked in and ready for bed

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Someone left me the most sweetest, sugary, milk chocolate Valentine I could ever want! It's filled with caramel cream and has gum drop kisses!'s my Ava bug!!!!!

Oh wow, I racked up!!!