Age Three
Page 4

Come on Momma let's get this show on the road! Stop taking pictures!!

Bean bag time!!!!

Where's Ava???

We're having a party!

I how to beat the heat with an ice cold freezer cup.

Snuggling with my Momma

Watching Bubble Guppies together

Hello Kitty soap for my baths

Sparkle pink, of course, and I wanted extra glitter with it

Malcom is my favorite uncle

Deven is my favorite uncle

Every time Ava holds this bear it brings a huge smile to my face. My Grandmother gave me this bear when I was two years old and sick in the hospital. It's so nice to pass it down to my daughter.

Surprise, I am wearing a shirt!

I love my Snickerdoodles

I don't feel good, mommy

Now, I feel better

Are you AWARE???