Age Three

Time to wake up

Time for a pop's cooking

How did my cousin get in my bed?

Wheee, swinging with Momma

Cuddles with Nurse Clara

My Spongebob candle for the SMA Awareness Candlelighting on August 11, 2012

That's right, I'm going to Disney World to meet Princess Tiana

My case worker Mrs. Shervette from Make- A-Wish

Me & Veronda playing on the tablet together

Momma needs to go get some rocky road!

Taking a break from taking my hair down. So mad!!! Momma couldn't stand the tears and cries anymore!

Touch my head with that comb one more time and you die! I'm done for tonight!

Momma always get these types of looks. I'm saying: Momma what????

Come back later, Momma, we're busy watching Wonder Pets


My nurses think I'm doll...every morning Momma wakes up to a new hairdo