Candid Shots 2004 & 2005  



Driving my truck at Nana & Pap's house


I was a magician at Kalair's birthday party


Nobody is cooler than me!


Singing with my FAVORITE CD- Hilary Duff


In front of the waterfalls in Salt Lake City, Utah


I think I got more dye on me than on the Easter eggs


What's up?


My cousin Amber had a "Happy Brett Day" at her school, I got to bowl using my power chair!


Here we are again playing hockey


I love to stand and walk in my pool therapy


Even while asleep, I won't let my little guys out of my hands


I just hit the ball with my bat- gotta go run the bases!


This is Slugger from my favorite baseball team- Kansas City Royals


Just hugging Slugger- This is so cool!!!!!


Do I fit in with the cast from Under the Sea?


Driving the pontoon boat at Lake of the Ozarks


Riding bumper boats with my Nana, I kept going after my mommy!


On my very FIRST roller coaster, it went so fast and it was so cool- I rode it 6 times!







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