My Friends 2002 & 2003



Just hanging out with Maddi on the couch


Me and Mason playing with his puppy


Me & MJ (SMA 1) at Dr. Bach's conference




Hanging out with Kalair- (SMA 1) on my couch


Me, Mason & Maddi trying out our new goggles


Hanging out with my buddies Coby & Tyler


Cheesin' with Jamie


Group Photo at the skate park with Amber, Elizabeth, Henry, Lance, Audrey & Maggie


Hanging out at the zoo with Tyler & Coby


Playing playstation with Aschdon (SMA 2)- we met at a study in Utah


We were having too much fun to pose for the camera!


These are my friends Lauren & Claire Gibbs with SMA 2/3 at the RoeFest


These are my friends Liz & Kalair with SMA 1 at the RoeFest




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