Special Events 2005

My first year playing baseball with The Miracle League


Practicing my swing


Isn't this baseball trophy the coolest?


Look at my sweet bowling trophy- I bowled a 112


Me & my friend Tyler hanging out with some players from the KC T-Bones


I played catch with them too


I am getting all kinds of cool gifts from Linda from Kids With A Cause


Me with Hilary Duff- This is the best day of my life!


I gave Hilary a pink bear, a drawing, and a CURE SMA bracelet- She wore it through the whole concert!


Oh my gosh- She is hugging me!


I took my friend Jensen to the concert- she got to meet Hilary too!


Tyler Hilton opened at her concert


Here is a picture of her singing during the concert


Isn't she awesome? See the bracelet I gave her?


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