18 to 24 Months
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Jamming to my music and turning it
on and off ALL BY MYSELF

This is my GodMother Robin! She has been my friend and has loved me since I was in my mom's tummy!

What the heck is this!???

Hanging out with grandpa

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! Thank you for loving me so much & for coming to read to me on your Birthday!

Yep, I'm a cutie!

Hangin out by the pool catching some rays!

Hanging out in the Gazebo enjoying the breeze!

Hanging out by the pool
Watching Sissy and Elmo

My first boat ride!!! WOW this is FUN!!!

Boy it's pretty out here today!! I LOVE to watch all the boaters, skiers, birds & I LOVE all this FUN!

Watching fireworks on My Uncle's Doc! It was AWESOME!

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