18 to 24 Months
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Watching the geese
You can see if you look REALLY close the line of geese in the water, leaving the shore

Yummy Gummies!!!

mmmm...sugar free, fat-free, 0 calorie baby toes!!! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! guilt-free indulgence! :)

Enjoying my 10k walk with Mommy...what a workout!

My Best Friend Logan and I

Best Friends Forever!!! 07/24/08

I met my Prince Charming today, his name is Aiden!!!! 07/26/08

Love at first touch!

Look at how my kitty sits by my hand so I can pet her!! She's my bestest friend!

Look at my awesome Elmo Blankie Pat made for me through Circle Of Hope!! God Bless you & Thank you!

Here is Pat showing me my new blankie!! Thank you Pat We will CHERISH this!!

My friends Tracy and Isabel from the Circle of Hope, singing my NEW book to me!! We LOVE you!!!

My wonderful Phillis

Turtle dresses from grandma Bush

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