ABI Vest

Frances and Tom Haney- Here is some info on the vest.  My wife and I first saw the vest when our son was in ICU with a collapsed lung and the respiratory therapists used it to try to shake his mucus loose so it would come out of him.  But at the time he was too small and the vest shook him too much (we think they also had it set too high).  Later, at the annual FSMA convention in Chicago last year, I saw the vest again. The vest is supposed to have the same effect as Chest Percussion Therapy, but supposedly works better than CPT.  In the October, 2001 edition of "Exceptional Parent Magazine" they did an article on it, referring to it as a high-frequency chest wall oscillation therapy. The company whose vest we have is called Advance Respiratory.  They are at 1020 West County Road F, St. Paul, MN 55126.  Their phone number is (800) 426-4224 and their web site is www.thevest.com

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