Crystal's Babies!

Hi there and welcome to my website. I will be adding and changing for a while to get this site just the way I like it. You are invited to come as often as you like to get to know me better.

Right now I am busy roaming the gif sites to gather up a collection of all my favorite babies. Babies is my favorite thing to do. I love my babies and take real good care of them everyday. I feed them. Play with them. And even give them baths.

This is Crystal and her three brothers: We are dedicating this picture to Katrina Newkirk and Terry Rizen for all of their hard work in behalf of Crystal. Thank You! Ooops! We are missing something?

For a while it was just us three living with my mommy. These are my brothers, Jacob and Anthony. Jacob is the one who helps my mommy with me a lot. Anthony is getting better. He can be so nice to me when he is trying to be a big boy.

Okay, Terry & Trina, mommy says we need to stop teasing. This is me with my mommy, Jacob and Anthony.

I want you all to meet a very dear friend of mine that I met last night for the very first time. She is very sweet. And she is just like me. We had lots to talk about and like doing a lot of the same things. Her name is Sara Seavers.

           While we were there visiting, Sara surprised my mom and me with her big wheelchair. Her eyes lit up so big when she got in the chair and she just boogied all over the house. She was so careful not to run me over. And she went to all the places she wanted to. I was really impressed.

This is Terry Rizen. She is Crystal's Service Coordinator. I have to say thank you, because she has shown me sooo much and has been very aggressive in Crystal's service plan. She respects my desires for Crystal and pushes to see that she gets the best.

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