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When Brett is getting sick or has a cold, he has the same type of bubbling over with saliva when he is sleeping. It is all about positioning him the right way so he doesn't "bubble" over. I just check on him every 1-2 hours to suction excess slobber and wipe his face. I figure it is better for it to "bubble" over than to settle in his system. When he wakes up and we take the bi- pap off, he usually has a big "booger" of stuff in his mouth. We cough and suction him and he is fine. I know that doesn't help much, but I know Dr. Bach says to try to leave them on the bi-pap a couple hours at a time. We usually do a cough treatment every 3 hours at night when he is sick. I will try to answer any more questions if you have them. Kristal

Lots with SMA drool at night though! More so if your a "mouth breather" at
night like me. Plus I cant swallow laying so I drool.



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