Evansville's Bi-Monthly Raffle

Here are the current winning numbers:

October & November:
1st Prize-499454
2nd Prize-499020
3rd Prize-498098
Congratulations to the 3 winners and thank you so much to all that participated.  This raffle was a huge success with total Raffle tickets sold: 1240 at a dollar a piece. With a total of 659 donations given along the way.

January &February:

 Crystal Allbritton is my daughter, age 3, affected with SMA
SMA is the number one genetic killer of children
under the age of two.
·        One in forty people         carry the gene that causes this disease.
·      SMA robs patients of voluntary muscle control—including crawling, sitting, walking, swallowing, and even breathing. It shows no age or ethnic preference.

  You can make a difference!

To make a donation or for more information call Families of SMA

P.O. Box 196
Libertyville, IL 60048-0196

Your donation is tax deductible
Families of SMA is 100% volunteer

Research update: Researchers are working very hard, with several different clinical trials and efforts directed toward the cure of SMA. They are reaching milestones that are leading them to a possible cure and we are all hopeful that progress will continue to be made.

Local SMA Sponsor's:

Vann Ave, Morgan Ave, & Darmstadt


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